Strategic Threat Analysis (STA) is a specialist international consultancy with core competencies in the identification, analysis and reduction of threats, vulnerabilities and risks. It provides advice to companies and organisations operating in different fields of work, in various geographical areas and in diverse business environments.

Founded in 2003, STA has an experienced management team supported by specialist consultants and associates who come from a variety of background and locations with proven local and international expertise in different fields of threat and risk management.


Organisations operating in challenging environments need detailed analysis of how specific threats, vulnerabilities and risks may negatively affect their operations and the safety of their personnel. STA conducts in-depth assessments of facilities, operations, personnel and locations to enable clients to gain thorough knowledge on actual and potential threats, vulnerabilities and risks that may impact on their well-being and productivity.
Moving personnel, operating and investing in locations where a multitude of threats and risks are present require thorough preparations and planning. STA assists clients with a thorough understanding of all necessary threat and risk-related planning that is required to conduct successful operations without being exposed to preventable dangers. Applicable services include carefully considering the deployment of relevant resources and equipment; assessing airports, neighbourhoods, routes, hotels, business and residential premises in relation to actual conditions of risk; liaising with host companies, airport authorities and handlers, hotel management, transportation and local security providers. Furthermore, Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency / Contingency plans are either reviewed (if existing) or prepared from the start in order to ensure that all relevant threat and risk-related matters are adequately addressed in line with organisational needs. Where risks are high, STA also assists clients with the implementation of solutions around their need to adequately safeguard personnel and facilities with maximum levels of protection.
Understanding all threats and risks that individuals and organisations are likely to encounter prior to living and operating in specific environments and what can be done to avoid or counter them is critical for the safekeeping of human and material assets. STA’s induction programmes are customised to suit clients’ risk profiles and are designed to empower them on how to prevent and respond to threat situations. Programmes cover all potential threats and risks that clients may face when living, working or travelling to unfamiliar locations where higher levels of risk are of concern. Relevant topics include, amongst others, pre-travel preparations; airport, accommodation and road travel risks; interaction with local staff, people and authorities; planning for and reacting to emergency situations.


STA has gained vast international experience with projects in several locations such as South Africa and neighboring countries, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, Tanzania, Oman, Jordan, India, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal and several other European countries.

Clients that have made use of STA’s expertise vary from multi-national companies and organisations with interests spread across the spectrum of business and industry, to N.G.O.’s with operational activities in diverse and difficult environments.

Projects varied in nature and scope including, among others, threat assessments of specific working environments, facilities and life style resorts; overt and covert risk auditing; preparation of emergency and contingency plans; threat and risk induction programmes for personnel and training programmes for security personnel.



Elio Zannoni / Founder and Director (South African office)  +27 834605990

Massimo Dall’Armi / Associate Director (European office)  +39 3356020407

Email:   office@strategicthreatanalysis.com